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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Regarding Customer Information

  • Mizuho Research Institute Ltd. (Entity handling personal information)

Mizuho Research Institute Ltd. ("MHRI") hereby establishes and announces the "Privacy Policy Regarding Customer Information" ("this Policy"), which sets forth MHRI's policies for protecting customers' personal information and the MHRI's basic approach in handling customers' personal information.

Policy of Management

Mizuho Research Institute recognizes appropriate protection and use of personal information to be important social responsibilities, and makes every effort to appropriately protect and use personal information complying with laws and regulations including the "Personal Data Protection Law in Japan" and other related regulations and the internal rules of Mizuho Research Institute, including this Policy when Mizuho Research Institute conducts business.

Proper Acquisition

Mizuho Research Institute will acquire personal information that is necessary to conduct its business by proper and lawful means.

Purpose of Use

Mizuho Research Institute will specify the purpose of use of personal information and will handle the personal information within the scope necessary to achieve that purpose, and will not use it beyond that scope.
In cases where special restrictions exist on the use of particular personal information under laws and/or regulations, Mizuho Research Institute will not handle that particular personal information for purposes not relevant to said matters.
The purpose of use of personal information is set forth through the web site or other measures provided by Mizuho Research Institute.

Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

Mizuho Research Institute will not provide personal information to any third party in principle unless the individual concerned has agreed to such use or it is authorized by law. However, Mizuho Research Institute may provide personal information to relevant entities that are otherwise specified without customer consent in following cases:

  • Mizuho Research Institute entrusts management of personal information that is necessary to achieve the purpose of use to a third party.
  • Mizuho Research Institute is one of the parties in a consolidation transaction.

Handling of Sensitive Information

Mizuho Research Institute will not acquire, use and provide to any third party sensitive information (e.g. political affiliation, religion, participation in labor union, race, ethnic group, family origin, legal address on family registry and medical information) unless authorized by law or it is necessary to conduct business on condition that Mizuho Research Institute has customer consent.

Security Measures / Safeguards

Mizuho Research Institute will maintain and manage accurate and up-to-date personal information, and prevent leakage of information with necessary and appropriate security measures. Moreover, it will conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of employees and service providers of who handles personal information.

Continuous Improvement

Mizuho Research Institute will continuously review this Policy according to the development of information technologies and the changes in social demand, and improve the handling of personal information.

Customer Requests concerning Personal Information

Mizuho Research Institute will endeavor to properly and promptly cope with following requests from customers:

  • notification of the purpose of use
  • disclosure of personal data
  • correction, addition and deletion of personal data that do not reflect the facts
  • suspension of use and elimination of personal data
  • suspension of providing personal data to a third party

Comments & Requests

Mizuho Research Institute will endeavor to cope with customer's comments and requests for the management of personal information sincerely and promptly.

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