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Mizuho Economic Outlook & Analysis Back Number(2019)

Mizuho Economic Outlook & Analysis provides Outlooks on the Japanese economy every quarter and in-depth analyses on economic issues on a timely basis.

Mar 11, 2019
FY2018, FY2019, FY2020 Economic Outlook -The Japanese economy will continue to lack strength due to the slowdown of exports- REVISED to reflect the 2nd QE for the Oct-Dec Qtr of 2018 (March 8, 2019)(PDF/156KB)
Mar 7, 2019
Economic impact of building national resilience and the supplementary budget -Expectations and risks of mitigating the reactionary downturn- (January 28, 2019)(PDF/131KB)
Mar 4, 2019
Will condominium prices in the Tokyo metropolitan area fall sharply? (February 8, 2019)(PDF/233KB)
Feb 25, 2019
Land prices in regional areas recover thanks to expanding inbound demand (January 16, 2019)(PDF/274KB)
Feb 18, 2019
FY2018, FY2019, FY2020 Economic Outlook -The global economy is headed for a slowdown in 2020, and uncertainties remain high- [Summary] (February 15, 2019)(PDF/131KB)
Feb 6, 2019
Impact of trade friction on capital investment -Uncertainty restrains capital investment growth by around 1%Pt- (December 14, 2018)(PDF/303KB)
Feb 6, 2019
Japan's trade policy challenges in 2019 -The focus of attention is on mega FTAs, WTO reform, and the Japan-US trade talks- (December 21, 2018)(PDF/705KB)
Jan 24, 2019
Effects and challenges of measures to deal with the consumption tax hike -Economic impact of spending stimulus measures totaling roughly 150 billion yen- (November 30, 2018)(PDF/139KB)

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