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Products and Services

The world today is experiencing a significant shift that accelerates changes, in the areas of macroeconomy, financial market, international trade, and also of the political, diplomatic and security affairs. Focused and accurate evaluation of current trends and formulation of future-minded strategy reveal the opportunities available via these changes.

Mizuho Research Institute fulfills its mission as "THINK TANK" through our four business lines "Research", "Business Consulting", "Human Resources Consulting" and "Membership", to meet the expanding needs of clients in corporate and public enterprises, national and regional governments , and the economy and society as a whole.

Mizuho Research Institute has four business lines:

These four functional lines are optimally integrated by specialists in appropriate fields to provide value-added information and highly effective services.

Real data-based, high-quality research, forward-looking policy proposals, practical and sophisticated consulting, focused strategic-planning support, an abundance of business services...

We provide expert support for solving administrative and operational issues from enactment of public policies to business management.


Ready with cutting-edge expertise and deep insight,our specialists tackle both current and forward-looking themes to provide even higher value-added information and policy recommendations.

  • Analysis and Forecast of the Macroeconomy
  • Analysis and Forecast of the Financial and Capital Markets
  • Global Research Major Countries and Regions
  • Policy and Institutional Research in the Areas Of Economy, Finance, and Social Trends
  • Provision of Policy Recommendations for Various Challenges Faced in both the Domestic and Global Issues

Business Consulting

Through extensive experience, achievement, and professional expertise, we have honed our powers of observation and conceptualization. For issues facing national and local governments, public corporations and business enterprises, we serve as a trustworthy source of "intellect" and "driving force," supporting our clients' efforts to find solutions and make informed decisions.

Management Consulting

Comprehensive corporate analysis and restructuring; formulation of business strategies on a medium- to long-term basis; formulation of organizational and human resource strategies; development of marketing and sales strategies; revision of business processes; CSR; risk management; acquisition of various certifications.

Corporate Pension Consulting

Evaluation and reformulation of retirement-fund policies; evaluation and planning of pension-fund administration policies; consultation for resource allocation and selection of investment managers; support for calculation of PBO (projected benefit obligations); evaluation and monitoring of investments.

PPP, Urban and Regional Strategy Advisory Services

Advice for policy-development initiatives of government agencies, including PFI, PPP, designated manager systems, market testing, etc.; planning support for regional public organizations regional development, etc.; support services for the reorganization or privatization of public interest corporations.

Human Resources Consulting

We work to lead clients towards solution for management challenges via a perfect combination of high expertise and rich experience.

Human-Resources and Organizarional Management

Creation of personnel system and operation support; global strategic HR support; organizational activation support; diversity management support; group reorganization;evaluation and reformulation of retirement-fund policies; evaluation and planning of pension-fund administration policies; support for calculation of PBO (projected benefit obligations).

Human-Resource Development Products and Servicess

Planning support for training systems and educational programs corresponding to management and human-resource policies; planning and implementation of training programs related to human-resource development; planning of business seminars; development of distance-learning programs.

Mizuho Seminars

Approximately 600 seminars are hosted annually. Tailored to meet the human-resource education requirements of our corporate members, seminars targeting specific company staff involve top-rated lecturers in various fields, including personnel, legal, accounting, and marketing administration.

Membership Services

Our corporate members benefit from a varied array of business services ranging from the latest economic and management information to human resource training and business promotion tools.

Business Information Services

Membership newsletters, fax newspapers and exclusive members-only website provide members with financial news and the latest business-management information; VIP seminars serve as forums for members to meet and exchange information.

Consultation Services

Highly experienced staff and specialist lawyers, tax accountants, certified public accountants, social-insurance specialists, and other experts address inquiries and consultations regarding regulations, taxation matters, accounting, human-resource management, and other practical issues related to management that our members face.

Business-Efficiency Services

An array of practical services supports the business-enhancement efforts of corporate members; widely varied cost-cutting services contribute to cost-balancing efforts.

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